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One Year On . . .

Next Wednesday, April 5th, will mark the first ‘bookiversary’ for Dunnigan. In some ways, it is hard to believe that a year has already come and gone. Yet, so much has happened that it is hard to imagine all that excitement could have fit into a single year!

This time last year, a small team was busy trying to pull together an event that would be a ‘Book Birthday Party’ for Dunnigan. If anyone out there imagines me with a big entourage doing various tasks- that is not the case. As the old saying goes, I am very much the chief, cook, and bottle washer in my writing pursuits. That is not to say I did not receive assistance along the way, but it all comes back to my desk. If my audience enjoys the content, that is great! If not, there is nowhere to pass the buck! As the event approached, I had to recruit several people to help in various ways. It could not have happened successfully without those individuals. Some were family, some were dear friends, and some were coworkers from the new job I had taken just months prior. The help I received to make the release of the novel successful was very humbling. I am unlikely to forget it.

I want to mention some of the high points that Dunnigan has enjoyed since publication. Since last spring, I have had opportunities to speak about Dunnigan at different libraries and societies, interact with some of our local news outlets, and meet many other authors from surrounding counties, to name a few highlights. The eBook was released this past fall, which increased the reach of the novel to seven different countries! I am so thrilled with that because the book is my effort to showcase a brief period in American history and encourage people to take an interest in historical things. The novel is in several libraries now, and I have been pleased to learn that it enjoys a decent amount of circulation that way.

Speaking of libraries, as I close out this blog, I want to announce the First anniversary event for Dunnigan! The Coffee County Manchester Public Library will host me on Thursday, April 6th, at 6 PM. I am really looking forward to this event because, for the first time, I will be giving a full audio-visual presentation about the book and the nuts and bolts of how it came together. If you have had a chance to read the book and have questions, this will be a perfect opportunity to ask them! If you have not read the book and you have considered it, I will keep the presentation spoiler free!

It has been a great first year of life for Dunnigan, and I am thankful to all of my readers!

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