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Water the Peace Lily

“We want a fresh start only because we didn’t sufficiently care for the last fresh start.”

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

I recently read a book that contained a story about a lady who bought a new car and never changed the oil. She was extremely shocked when the car suffered a complete engine failure with low mileage. She had no idea she needed to have maintenance performed on the vehicle.

Maintenance is a big deal, but how many of us never provide it to the most valuable aspects of our lives? I do not know if “they” (you know, the “they” that says everything) have ever agreed on how many different dimensions of wellness there are, but most agree that physical, spiritual, and mental/emotional wellness all make the list. I have been trying to give honest thought to whether or not I am providing maintenance to each one of those areas of my well-being. It has been challenging, provoking, unsettling, productive, frustrating… many adjectives! The lady from the book failed to do something out of ignorance. By contrast, I KNOW my body, mind, and spirit need maintenance, yet often neglect to do it. Which is the greater failure? I will let you decide, but thinking about life maintenance made me much more gracious toward the lady who toasted her engine. 

Last Fall, I lost a dear family member, and someone gave me a peace lily at that time. If any plant lovers are reading this, cut me some slack. I am about to reveal my inexperience with peace lilies. I have been doing my best to nurture the plant, but, at first, I did not do well. I came into work more than once to find all the leaves and shoots sad and droopy. I assumed I killed the poor thing but watered it anyway. It returned to its former glory each time within hours of receiving water. It surprised me and brought me happiness to see the lily perk up again. I have learned along the way that if I pay attention to the peace lily, it will tell me exactly when it needs a bit of water. It just requires that I be thoughtful enough to notice. Once again, I found a metaphor for our lives in something simple. 

Your mind, body, and spirit will tell you when you have needs if you pay attention. Next time you feel droopy in some way, remember that a little maintenance can go a long way. In case no one told you lately, you are worth it! 

Don’t forget to water the peace lily.

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